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    You can purchase with confidence knowing we offer 30 day hassle free returns.

    We are one of the largest Hydrographic Film Supply Companies in the USA. We have Hundreds of Hydro dipping film patterns available. We supply Retail and Businesses around the World.

    We also Offer The best Hydrographic Dip Kit on the market. These Hydro dip kits are great for first time users. These Hydrographic Dipkits help you understand the hydrodipping process and will help you achieve all your water transfer printing goals.

    If your looking for a trustworthy Hydrgraphics Supplier then you have come to the right place.

    Our customer service is top notch. We try our best to offer round the clock service.

    We are also updating our other website www.Infectedesigns.com this will be up shortly.
    We have a whole slew of products and services available Including, Vinyl Paint such as Plastidip-Raail- Halo EFX. We also Offer custom made dartboard backboards, Cornhole Boards and Bags. Custom T-shirts. Please call for quotes. Once Infecteddesigns.com is up and running there will be alot more information available.

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