Hydrovator Activator


Gallons and Quarts of Activator will Ship 6-30-17


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Our Hydrographic Activator is hands down the best activator on the market today.

This will work with all of our films and many more.  We fill our Containers using HydroVator.

We use a 2 stage filter system to filter any contaminates that may be in the activator.

When using Hydrovator Most films only need a single pass. 

Activator is the most essential part of Water Transfer Printing.

If you buy the best tools for the job, you will have the best opportunity for success in Hydro dipping.

Do you need need a larger or smaller quantity we carry Gallons,Pints, Quarts and aerosol  Activator as well. 

Free Shipping On our Activator.  We ship Ups Ground and Only Ship to the Lower 48 States. 

We currently do not label our gallon containers.

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