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Our Hydrographic Dip kit is the largest on the market.  Our kit is a well thought out and planned Do It Yourself kit that allows you to customize your items using a variety of Hydrographic film patterns. These Film Patterns can be placed on just about anything you can paint and submerge underwater for at least 10 seconds.  Our kit offers professional results without the professional cost.  This kit can be used for your own personal projects or you can Dip your friends and family’s items to make some extra money on the side or to pay for your kit.

Our Hydrographic Dip Kit is a great value. The Kit includes all of the materials you need to customize your items. The only thing that you will need to provide is a container and just plain old tap water to dip your item in.

Our Hydrographic Dip Kit can be applied to virtually any surface such as metals, wood, plastics,etc… 

Our Films are wrapped around a  1.5″ core They are then placed in 4 mil thick poly tubing to protect from humidity. 

Our Hydrographic Activator is hands down the best activator on the market today.
This will work with all of our films.  We fill our cans using Hydro-Vator.
Our Activator can includes a special tip that sprays in a fan pattern.
This is to help alleviate problems with over-activation and under-activation.
Most films only need a single pass. Our tip sprays Similar to an automotive paint gun. 

Simply Choose the Film Pattern, the Base Coat Color and Finish clear Coat that you would like.


  • 12 oz Can Base Coat Primer
  • 12 oz Can Film Activator
  • 12 oz Can Clear Coat Finish  (Gloss or Matte)
  • 2 Meters Hydrographic Film; Hydrographic Film (6’7″ x 19.5-20″) Translates to roughly 10 Square Feet.
  • 3 Pair Nitrile – Latex and Powder Free Gloves
  • 1 Dust Mask
  • 1 Scuff Pad Maroon   6″x 9″
  • 1 Sheet 400 Grit Sandpaper 9″x 11″
  • 1 Tack Cloth
  • 1 Touch Up Paint Brush
  • Detailed Instructions

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Film Pattern

45 To Life, 3D Skulls, Abduction, Aces of Fire, Acid Rain, Aliens, Alligator, Aluminum, American Biker, American Flags, American Graffiti, American Quilt, Ammo Belts, Achrons, Anonymous, Army Digital, Army of Darkness, Army Tactical, Autumn Leaf, Baby Face, Backwoods, Bald Eagle, Ballin’, Barbwire Skulls, Bed of Roses, Beige Camo, Black and Clear Flames, Black and Clear Glass, Black Burl Wood, Black Carbon Fiber, Black Clear Lightning, Black Clear Paisley, Black Clear Skulls, Black Crackle, Black Knights, Black Marble, Black Metal Carbon Fiber, Black Rattle Snake, Black Skulls, Blaze Camo, Bleach wood, Blood Splatter, Bloodlines, Blue Bubbles, Blue Burn Skulls, Blue eye Skulls, Blue Lightning, Blue Marble, Blue Water Drops, Bones N Roses, Breakout Black & Clear, Brown Burl Wood, Brown Oak, Brown Straight Grain, Brown Swirl 2, Brown Swirl, Brushed Aluminum, Burn Skulls Red, Burning Skulls Blue, Burning Skulls Green, Butterflies, Cancer Awareness, Cancer Ribbons, Cartoon Pirates, Cartoon Skulls, Cash Money New, Cash Money, Chained Up Skulls, Chains, Checker Carbon, Checkers, Cheetah Fur, Cheetahs, Cherry Bomb, Chicana Styles, Chiefs and Indians, Chocolate Straight Grain, Chronic Dreams, Circuits, Civil War Skulls, Cloudy Skies, Cosmos, Crazy Dragon, Crazy Sugar Skulls, Creature Bomb, Creeper Skulls, Damask, Dark Burl Wood, Dark Knot, Dark Oak, Dark Straight Grain, Dark Twill Carbon Fiber, Day of the Dead, Dead Heads, Dead Walking, Deep Woods 2, Derby Girls, Desert Pebble, Desert Splash, Desert Storm, Diamond Plate, Diamond Plate, Diamondback, Dinosaurs, Dishonored, Dora, Dragons, Duck Blind, Early Fall, Electric Carbon Fiber, Electric Weave Carbon Fiber, Embedded Skulls Green, Embedded Skulls Red, Eye of the Storm, Fall Timber, Fancy Ladies, Filigree, Flags & Eagles, Flaming Aces, Flaming Skulls, Forest Floor Camouflage, Frontier Camo, Full House, Funny Bones, Fur, Galaxy, Gambler, Gears, Genesis, Ghost Skulls, Giger Biomech, Giraffe, Glass Skulls, Gold Burl Wood, Gold Diggers, Gone Fishing, Graphite Carbon Fiber, Gray Burl Wood, Gray Cheetah Fur, Gray Wood, Green Army Digi, Green Digital, Green Plaid, Green Skulls, Green Zombies, Gumballs Cartoon, Halloween, Headhunters, Hearts, Hells Gate, Homicide, Honeycomb, Horsepower, Hydromonkey Clowns, Illusion Carbon Fiber, Insanity Skulls, Iron Skulls, Jokers, Jungle Splash, KALEIDOSCOPE Camo, Kevlar Carbon Fiber, King Of Queens, Large Black Paisley, Large Cash Money, Large Paisley, Large Weave Carbon Fiber, Leafy Greens, Leaves, Leaving Vegas, Leopard Print, Leopard Skull, Liberty Eagle, Light Knot Wood, Light Sticks, Light Woods, Lightning, Lily Flowers, Lizard Skin, Lockness Monster, Mad Zombie, Marble Splash, Marble Splash Silver, Marpat Camo, Mars Rock, Mechanic, Mechanical Skulls, Melted Skulls, Merica, Metal Carbon Fiber, Micro Carbon Fiber, Micro Digital Camo, Mid Fall, Mini Leopard, Mini Random Real Skulls, Mini Web, Mini Zebra, Missouri Marsh, Morning Dew Fall, Morning Dew, Music Notes, Naughty Bomb, Navy Digital 2, Navy Digital, Navy Marpat, New Vegas, Oil Slick, Oil Splash, Outbreak Color, Patriot Skulls, Pin Up Girls, Pink Flake Camo, Pink Snake Skin, Pirate Skulls, Piston Skulls, Playtime Black, Playtime Color, Psycho Skulls, Rancid, Real Flames Blue, Real Flames Green, Real Flames Red, Real Skulls, Real Zombies, Red Boa Snake, Red Burl Wood, Red Digital, Red Eye Skulls, Reverse Black Carbon Fiber, Rising Dead, Rose Skull, Rust Bucket, Rust, Rustic Wood, Samurai Warriors, Sand Storm Army, Sandstorm Navy, Sandstorm Urban, Scatter Brains, Scribbles, See No Evil, Shadow Oak, Shadow Skulls, Shadow Woods, Silver Burton, Silver Carbon Fiber, Silver Clear Carbon Fiber, Silver Clear Paisley, Silver Electric Carbon Fiber, Silver Honey Comb, Silver Rain, Silver Rope Carbon Fiber, Sinister, Skater Chics, Skull Camo, SkullBone, Smoke Flames Blue, Smoke Flames Green, Smoke Flames Red, Smoke Flames Silver, Snake Skin, Snow Camouflage, Snow Digital, Snow Flakes, Special Response Camo, Split Skulls, Sponge Bob Black White, Sponge Bob Color, Spruce Camo, Stained Glass, Stainless Steel, State Flags, Steam Punk Gears, Steampunk Rust, Sticker Bomb, Sticky Icky, Striped Camo, Sugar Pop Skulls, Sugar Skulls, Sumo, Sunflower, SWAT, Talon Claws, Tan Digital, Tan Marpat, Terminator Skulls, Tie Dye, Tie Dye Ultra, Tiger Stripes, Tight Weave Carbon Fiber, Timber Wolves, Toxic Skull Red Flames, Toxic Skull Blue Flames, Tree Bark 2, Tree Bark, Treezyn Omega, Trippin’, Tropical Fish, Tropical Splash Camo, True Fire Red, True Weave Black Carbon Fiber, True Weave Gold Carbon Fiber, True Weave Silver Carbon Fiber, True Woods Green, True Woods, True Woods Brown, True Woods Yellow, Turbos, Twilight Camo, Twisted Future, Twisted Paisley, Twisted Rings, Uncle Sam Zombie, Union Jack, Up In Smoke, Urban Decay, Urban Digital, Urban Pebble, Urban Splash, US State Flags, Vampire Girls, Vampire Skulls, Venom, Vikings, V-Twins, Walking Dead, War Dragons, Water Reed, Water Splash, We The People, White Marble, White Marpat, White Snake, White Web, Wild Girls, Wild Woods, Winter Oak Camouflage, Winter Oak, Woody, Yellow Boa Snake, Yellow/Gold Carbon Fiber, Zebra, ZigZag Carbon Fiber, Zombie Nebula


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