Embedded Flaming Skulls Green


Currently only available in our kits. 

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Skulls Embedded in Realistic Green flames.  The skulls appear to be shooting through the flames.

There are many skull patterns and this is one of the coolest. The skulls are a subtle addition to this film.

this film has hints of  Yellow, Lime green, neon green and Black.  This film can be applied over different base colors for a different effect.

The Recommended Base Coat for this Film is White.  A White base color will give this flaming skull pattern a nice brilliant look.

This pattern makes an excellent choice for someone wanting to customize auto parts, motorcycle parts, helmets, or anything you can imagine.

This film measures  a little over 2 Meters Long and .5 Meters Wide

This translates into 80″ inches long and 19.5″-20″ inches Wide.

Our Films are wrapped around a  1.5″ core They are then sealed in poly tubing to protect from humidity.

All Films are shipped in 2″ Kraft Tubing with exception of our Dip Kits.

If you need more than 2 meters: For example if you need (4 meters) – order 2 and you will receive a continuous roll of 4 meters.

If you need your film cut differently just let us know and we will take care of it. 

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