Treezyn Omega
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Treezyn Omega Camouflage

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Product Description

Treezyn Omega Camouflage

This film is a 40″ wide pattern.

This film has extremely good detail.  You no longer have to wait because the time has come, it’s here. 

The Evolution of modern day Hunting patterns has arrived

Over 30 years of study in environmental surroundings (hunting), fractal research,and natural elements has reached a pinnacle and the result is our Treezyn camo. Knowing wasn’t enough; application of what we have learned dissecting the woods to create a concealment pattern outside of the industry paradigm was the outcome. We know bigger, bolder, more contrasting elements and textures are crucial to disguising the most recognized silhouette on the planet…yours. Our three dimensional aspect combined with the digital layout inside the pattern doesn’t allow you to homogenize as you walk away or sit high above in a stand, to put it simply, you don’t become a blob at a distance. The patterns were developed and approved, from the patterns themselves to the quality of clothes we put on our own backs. In other words, this company was built by and around some of the most skilled and knowledgeable woodsmen/hunters alive, it all just makes sense.  The unique arrangement of TREEZYN allows you to become any environment of your choice.  Whether it be the early spring and fall or the late season hard woods, you can hunt with confidence knowing that you wear the most versatile, silhouette vexing camo pattern available today. Be part of the revolution that is here. With TREEZYN don’t just blend…become!

This film can be used with numerous base colors. 

Please look at the photos of this on a few plastic speed shapes.

The Treezyn Omega Film is Designed by one of our Partners Be sure to check them out. offers a full

assortment of Clothing Accessories to match and compliment your hunting gear.

their link is posted on our partners page.

White, Tan, Grey and Army Green  are excellent  color choices for this film.  

This photo was taken with a White background. 

Please note the images may appear slightly different in person due to various Pc monitors.

This is an excellent choice for Firearm Enthusiasts , Atv’s, Trucks, cars, motorcycles and anything else you can think of.  

Our Films are wrapped around a  1.5″ core They are then placed in 4 mil thick poly plastic tubing to protect from humidity.

All Films are shipped in 2″- 3″ Kraft Tubing with exception of our Dip Kits.

If you need your film cut differently just let us know and we will take care of it. 

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