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Hex Camouflage


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Product Description

Hex Camouflage has Hexagonal type shapes in the pattern.

Hex Camouflage is a 100cm pattern

This pattern has a neat look when stretched over an item.

The Hex Camouflage Pattern has a transparent background.

This film has shades of, White, Black, Gray and a Goldish Tan. 

This film has lots of Transparent Background space so will look great with almost any color.

Customize the base color to your liking, White is a good color choice for this film. 

A tan color or army green work great as well. 

This is an excellent choice for firearms and anything else you can think of.  

Our Films are wrapped around a  1.5″ core They are then placed in 4 mil thick poly tubing to protect from humidity.

All Films are shipped in 2″- 3″ Kraft Tubing with exception of our Dip Kits.

The Recommended Base Coat for this Film is White.  A White base color will give this Hex Camouflage pattern a nice crisp and fresh look.

If you need your film cut differently just let us know and we will take care of it. 

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