American Indian




American Indian

This Pattern is a 20″ wide  Hydrographic film

After many years of oppression the American Indians have come back from their graves to fight for their land.  The Indians appear like they are ready for a full out war in this one of a kind pattern.

The Pattern Features American Indian Skulls outfitted with brightly color feathers. The feathers appear to have multiple colors Red,Orange and Green.

There are Indian Skulls are repeated throughout the design.  The Skulls appear to have Spiked hair and are somewhat evil looking.  The Skulls have tribal tattoos near the hair line.

The Indian Skulls range in size from approximately 1.5″ to 2.5″   The actual film is in full color background.

White is a great color choice for this film as any other color will make the images appear dark.  The picture of the Film is taken on a white background. 

This is similar to what a white base coat will achieve on your parts.




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